We finally got Lima in Peru after a long flight

2008年3月21日 星期五

Hi, everybody:

After 35 hrs flight, we finally arrive Lima in Peru. The flight and transit periods were really tiring and wasting time. Mei and I tried to find best position and posture to sleep, however, we felt more tired after some tries.

Anyway, we feel "energic" now, as Mei's luggage was lost in flight transit, we need to get it back and also find out alternative solution to spend the following two days in the most efficient way.

Current plan:
3.21 Lima, Peru
3.22 day time ~ 3.23 Ayacucho
3.24 ~ 3.28 Cusco
3.29 ~ 4.1 Inca Trail
4.2 Cusco to Lima and Lima to Santiago, Chile

Accommodation in Lima: Miraflores House http://www.alberguemirafloreshouse.com/

  • -- 11 usd per person for twin bed room with shared bathroom
  • -- 10 usd per person for 4 bed shared room with shared bathroom

    To be continued...


Singing 提到...

have you found the luggage back yet? Singing

大無畏 Jess 提到...

Dear Singing¨:
Today is 26 March, we still haven´t got Mei´s luggage back, so we plan to buy all stuff she needs later. We are in Cusco now.