We are happy now. (Such easy people ya...)

2008年3月23日 星期日

Day 4 3/22 Lima - Ayacucho

Ayacucho is a town famous by the holy week festival. That´s why we came here.

It was a 10 hour bus journey with incredible scenery from Lima.

We met a lovely young girl and her family (her mother and older brother) on the bus. The mother was very kind to ask her friend to take us to a hotel while we arrived in Ayacucho around 8:00 pm. Her friend is a truck driver, looks kind as well.

He drove us to a hotel near the main square and with very pretty colonial style. He also helped us to talk with the counter about the fee. However, everything went different when we wanted to take a photo with the driver as a memory.

We couldn´t find Jess´ camera any more.

She was taking photos on the truck. It is just a 1 min walk after getting off the truck to the hotel reception. We walked back and forth to check the road and check the truck again and again, even the bag as well. However, it is just gone. And we have no idea what it was happened. It does just not be there!!!!!!!

Most of our photos are gone. At the same time, we regret so much about our carelessness and we didn´t backup the photos which we should do one day ago.



Only upset.

However, just right after I was back to the room, Jess said the camera is in her bag, but in a very invisible area.

Ha. No more upset. We are happy again. :D

I came back to the lobby immediately to tell the guard ( a handsome guy) that we got the camera as he was helping us to find the camera. The guard was happy to hear that and the owner gave me a big hug as a celebration. Ha.

However, we should keep this in mind that we need to pack and organisally put our stuff in the bag, in order to find the goods easily. Also, to backup our photos everyday. It is very important!!!!!

Lots of fireworks outside. but Shit. Jess and I felt very uncomfortable now. We asked for two cups of coca tea. And hope we will be fully receovered soon with our happiness.

Accommodation: Hotel Santa Rosa http://www.hotel-santarosa.com/ twin bed with private bath
130 soles per night per room include breakfast

Travel: From Lima to Ayacucho -- by Cruz del Sur http://www.cruzdelsur.com.pe/inicio.php
50 soles per person for economic seat. (departs at 9:30am and arrive around 20:00, they also provide night bus, departs at 22:00 and arrive at 7:00 am next day)

To be continued.....


Chris & Alice 提到...

So happy to read your blog. What a rollercoaster so far! Highs and lows and then highs again. Yes you need to be careful - however need to except peoples kindness too. Looking forward to seeing/reading more.... Chris & Alice xxx