4 people became one grop having a good time in Ayacucho

2008年3月25日 星期二

Day 5: 3/23 in Ayacucho (4 people)

You may wonder why is 4? Mei and I are just 2 people, aren´t we?

The new friends are Daniel and Jacqui who are peruvians work and study here. We met them in a restaurant around lunch time. Mei and I found their dishes looked very delicious when we were researching what we can order. Then we started our conversation after Daniel introduced the meal to us.

After some talk, Daniel recommended us to visit one place in the mountain, and he said" Mei, Jess, he and she (Jacqui is his younger sister), we four, a group, can go together". For the invitation, in one hand, we felt good to visit one place recommended by local people. In the other hand, my brother said " Don´t go out with strangers." Go or not to go, we are in a dilemma.

However, with Daniel´s passion and Jacqui´s sweet smile. We GO!!!!

No doubt. It was a fantastic afternoon. We went to the mountain. We wandered along the river. We had cafe together for dinner (Daniel: it is lunch!!!!). It was really fun to be with them all the time. That was full of laugh and happiness.

Daniel is such crazy and fun person. He loves music. He loves laugh. And loves FLASH (for photo). Of course, he is going to swin to Taiwan from Lima through Pacific Ocean. Yes!!!
Jacqui is sexy definitely. Although we can´t speak Spanish, we do understand all the converation. (Jacqui, you know that..)
We are so happy to meet them in Ayacucho, or we won´t know so much about Ayacucho. It is such pretty and warm place. We know Daniel will say it is also glad to meet you girls or he will just stay in his room for this afternoon. But Daniel, trust us, we got more from you and Jacqui during the time. Life is so wonderful and marvelous. Who knows we would meet in Kevin´s chicken restaurant especially after we had asked so many restautants to get the food. That´s fate!!!!

It is pity that we couldn´t have more time together. But we will meet, right? Nothing is impossible. We will wait for you in the coast way of Taiwan.

(Daniel, you have to translate all to Jacqui!!! That´s your job. We are princesses, you know that!!!!)

Note: The other good thing is Jess got most of men in Ayacucho on her hand (By Daniel).
To be continued...