Lima is out of our expectation.-- people

2008年3月22日 星期六

Day 3 : 3/21 we are in Lima, Peru.

Today is an amazing day because of the people here.

From many people's point of view, Lima is not so worthy to stay, just only for transit. That was our plan as well, however, because of my luggage and the bus schedule, we stayed in Lima for one more night, and got the change to have a look at the city.

We thought we would wake up late this morning due to the long journey, but we didn't. We got up around 7:00 am and had plenty of time to use the day. The owner of this hostel is very nice. He remembers all people's names even though ours are difficult to pronounce for him. He gave us very detailed information about the city, what we can do, what we can eat, where we can go. He said a lot, but I totally forgot after he said we could travel to the city with a couple (Sorry, Francis). He is very considerable. He tried to find someone who can speak Spanish to go with us as he knows we have almost no knowledge about spanish.

The weather is dame hot and humid in Lima. I thought of the days in Paris. That was killing me. We took the cab by a guy's help to National museum when we were in Lima downtown. He is a jourlist coming for holy week activities. We were lucky. He could speak English. However, the museum is in constuction. We changed to the beach in Miraflores.

Travel book says Peru is one of the dangerous countries in S. America. However, people we met in Lima are very very friendly,no matter they speak english or not. We took the bus to the downdown again after the beach. The Mr.Bus kept reminding us to watch our stuff. While on the way to taking bus home, two tourist police officers came to us and walked with us to the bus stop, and made sure we were on the right bus, told the bus driver where we should get off. The bus driver and the passengers always kept their eyes on us to make sure we were ok and notified us the house number we should go while getting off the bus.

They are just too kind to us. hopefully we can be so lucky until the end of this trip.

To be continued...

Ps. My baggage is still no news so far.