Our favourite dishes in Cusco

2008年3月29日 星期六

24 March - 1 April in Peru

Hi, it seems we always talk about people or
something happened in Peru. Here we want to introduce our favourite food in Cusco to you after many tries in different restaurants.

Cold dish - Ceviche
(fish with sour taste)

The food is a bit like Tailand´s code dish.

Soup - Dieta de Pollo
(Chicken, rice, carrot, spinach, potato)

The suop´s taste is not very strong and smooth to eat it up.

Main Course - Aji de gallina
(Sharp huancaina Salsa, Pope, hen, onion, lettuce, rice, egg)

It is not curry food, just look like that. Try it.

Drinks - Chicha Morada

(purple corn, lemon, pineapple and so on)

The drink is very special and delicious.

Other traditional foods.
Dish1 - Dish2
Dish3 - Dish 4

Dish1: Palta Natural
The food is like fruit or vegetable.

Dish2: Chupe de Camaron
(rice, pope, milk, cheese, egg, choclo, vegetables)
However, we don´t like the soup very much, as it has a strong taste with special spice.

Dish3: Trucha

Dish4: Lomo saltado
(Fried meet, potato and tomato)
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The longest night and day from Ayacucho to Cusco

2008年3月28日 星期五

Day 6 night to Day 7 from Ayacucho to Cusco (Arrived on 3/25)

Daniel went to "Express los Chankas" bus station, after his work, to say goodbye to us which made us moved deeply. We were going to tear when he ran after the bus to see our leaving.
After the touching fareware, we took the Chankas bus to Cusco from Ayacucho around 6.40pm on 24 March. However, it was the beginning of our nightmare. When we got on the bus, a not good smell came to our nose. At that moment, we found our mask left in the big luggage, so what we can do was using our coats to cover our face to stop the unclear smell. When everybody settled down, the bus set off the long journey.

Ayacucho to Andahuaylas: from 6.40pm, 24 March to 6.20am, 25 March
Andahuaylas to Cusco : from 7.00am, 25 March to 6.30pm, 25 March
(one stop in the route: Abancay)
The horrible thing was that the route was not flat and full of small stone. The bus went up and down all the way made us extremely headache. We were wondering if the bad route last few hours only, however, the bus kept on the road for almost 20 hours. We were going to die really. We didn´t know how to have a good position to sit or sleep, and we didn´t know how to smile to face the hard situation.

(We were very ugly and exhausted at that time)

In the certain route, I wanna go to the toilet, but we didn´t know how to tell the driver or bus conductor for the thing (The bus didn´t provide the toilet.) Thus I decided to tolerate for a while, but you know, the bus went up and down frequently, oh my god, it was definitely a torture for me in my lifetime, I wanna cry ... Finally, Mei accompanied me to tell the conductor what we wanted and luckily he said ¨ wait a moment!¨. Then the bus stopped in a place after few minutes and let people get off. Lots of people went to find different places to go to the pit stop in the wild. Anyway, I finally released... So please keep it in mind "don´t go with the way to Cusco from Ayacucho if you want, please take flight if needed."

A lesson learn is that we should cherish what we own now, as many local people in Peru live in the harsh conditions. When Mei and I complained all the time on the way to Cusco, they still sleplt well (Maybe they also feelpainful, but we didn´t know). I was thinking were we too weak to face the tough situation? The other lesseon learn is that the bus journey gave us a chane to realise the local people´s living. Thanks god, we have experienced and we have learned.

Even though the scenery in the route from Abancay to Cusco was very beautiful and splendid, we didn´t have any energy to take as many as photos.
Accommodation in Cusco: Casa de la Gringa http://www.casadelagringa.com/ USD 12.44 per person, twin bed room with shared bathroom
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Exchange money in Ayachucho

2008年3月27日 星期四

Day 6 3/24 Ayacucho -> Cuzco

The first thing we needed to do today was to change money as we didn´t have enough soles to buy bus tickets. We changed some yesterday with the owner, but dare not to bother her again. There is a bank just in front of our hotel. But they don´t provide exchange service. They said: to the national bank. Luckily, Jacqui did show us where it is yesterady, so it didn´t take much time to look for it.

Before we got into the bank, we saw a long que on the street around the bank. I guessed it was for ATM or something. But I was totally wrong, the que was extenting from the bank. I asked a guard about the place to change money, (People were laughing when they heard my poor spainsh) he pointed the line and showed the meaning that you need to que...(people were laughing again...@@). We couldn´t believe this and couldn´t understand what happened here. People were so eager to withdraw money from the bank or somthing?? totally no idea.

So we were back to our good frinds, the hotel owner and the manager. The manger was trying to say that we should change money somewhere, so we kept saying the bank is full of people. Just too many people. Finally the owner showed up and said ok to let us change money in the hotel. We so love her.

We didn´t know why but the manager went out after confirming the money we needed. We thought they didn´t have enought soles in the hotel at that moment. (That was a silly idea i know) Few minutes later, we got soles and finally could buy the bus tickets to Cuzco tonight. Happy again.

The manager and the owner can only Spanish. After two days communication, we could almost understand each other via body language and unspoken consensus. That gave us strong spirit and believe we won´t have any problems in S. America. *___*

Getting enough money, we headed for the bus station to buy tickets. We walked down the stree and turned left to a walking path which we had pasted lots of time. And just found out with surprise that there are sooooo many money exchange stands over there.

We just suddently realised the fact that yesterday when we said to Daniel and Jacqui that we didn´t have enough soles, they just kept saying the shops didn´t close on sunday. At that time, we just though of bank, and didn´t have 2nd thought about money exchange. And we also just realised that the manager was trying to tell us we could change money in these places, not the bank. In the end, he came here to change money for us. We are so grateful to these things and learn more about these little things now.

We were thinking to buy the tickets for 7:00 pm one, however, the last two seats were purchased at the same time when were asking. So we changed the bus to depart at 6:40 pm.

We were a bit worried about that we couldn´t say goodbye to Daniel then, as we said we would meet around 6:30 pm in the bus station. We just couldn´t do anything.

As to the journey, it would take about 24 hours to Cuzco. I heard it is tough, but no idea how tought it would be at that time. Let´s see.

Travel: By Los Chankas, 65 soles per person (Journey is Ayacucho-Andahuaylas(change bus)-Cuzco), takes about 24 hours.

To be continued.....

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4 people became one grop having a good time in Ayacucho

2008年3月25日 星期二

Day 5: 3/23 in Ayacucho (4 people)

You may wonder why is 4? Mei and I are just 2 people, aren´t we?

The new friends are Daniel and Jacqui who are peruvians work and study here. We met them in a restaurant around lunch time. Mei and I found their dishes looked very delicious when we were researching what we can order. Then we started our conversation after Daniel introduced the meal to us.

After some talk, Daniel recommended us to visit one place in the mountain, and he said" Mei, Jess, he and she (Jacqui is his younger sister), we four, a group, can go together". For the invitation, in one hand, we felt good to visit one place recommended by local people. In the other hand, my brother said " Don´t go out with strangers." Go or not to go, we are in a dilemma.

However, with Daniel´s passion and Jacqui´s sweet smile. We GO!!!!

No doubt. It was a fantastic afternoon. We went to the mountain. We wandered along the river. We had cafe together for dinner (Daniel: it is lunch!!!!). It was really fun to be with them all the time. That was full of laugh and happiness.

Daniel is such crazy and fun person. He loves music. He loves laugh. And loves FLASH (for photo). Of course, he is going to swin to Taiwan from Lima through Pacific Ocean. Yes!!!
Jacqui is sexy definitely. Although we can´t speak Spanish, we do understand all the converation. (Jacqui, you know that..)
We are so happy to meet them in Ayacucho, or we won´t know so much about Ayacucho. It is such pretty and warm place. We know Daniel will say it is also glad to meet you girls or he will just stay in his room for this afternoon. But Daniel, trust us, we got more from you and Jacqui during the time. Life is so wonderful and marvelous. Who knows we would meet in Kevin´s chicken restaurant especially after we had asked so many restautants to get the food. That´s fate!!!!

It is pity that we couldn´t have more time together. But we will meet, right? Nothing is impossible. We will wait for you in the coast way of Taiwan.

(Daniel, you have to translate all to Jacqui!!! That´s your job. We are princesses, you know that!!!!)

Note: The other good thing is Jess got most of men in Ayacucho on her hand (By Daniel).
To be continued...
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We are happy now. (Such easy people ya...)

2008年3月23日 星期日

Day 4 3/22 Lima - Ayacucho

Ayacucho is a town famous by the holy week festival. That´s why we came here.

It was a 10 hour bus journey with incredible scenery from Lima.

We met a lovely young girl and her family (her mother and older brother) on the bus. The mother was very kind to ask her friend to take us to a hotel while we arrived in Ayacucho around 8:00 pm. Her friend is a truck driver, looks kind as well.

He drove us to a hotel near the main square and with very pretty colonial style. He also helped us to talk with the counter about the fee. However, everything went different when we wanted to take a photo with the driver as a memory.

We couldn´t find Jess´ camera any more.

She was taking photos on the truck. It is just a 1 min walk after getting off the truck to the hotel reception. We walked back and forth to check the road and check the truck again and again, even the bag as well. However, it is just gone. And we have no idea what it was happened. It does just not be there!!!!!!!

Most of our photos are gone. At the same time, we regret so much about our carelessness and we didn´t backup the photos which we should do one day ago.



Only upset.

However, just right after I was back to the room, Jess said the camera is in her bag, but in a very invisible area.

Ha. No more upset. We are happy again. :D

I came back to the lobby immediately to tell the guard ( a handsome guy) that we got the camera as he was helping us to find the camera. The guard was happy to hear that and the owner gave me a big hug as a celebration. Ha.

However, we should keep this in mind that we need to pack and organisally put our stuff in the bag, in order to find the goods easily. Also, to backup our photos everyday. It is very important!!!!!

Lots of fireworks outside. but Shit. Jess and I felt very uncomfortable now. We asked for two cups of coca tea. And hope we will be fully receovered soon with our happiness.

Accommodation: Hotel Santa Rosa http://www.hotel-santarosa.com/ twin bed with private bath
130 soles per night per room include breakfast

Travel: From Lima to Ayacucho -- by Cruz del Sur http://www.cruzdelsur.com.pe/inicio.php
50 soles per person for economic seat. (departs at 9:30am and arrive around 20:00, they also provide night bus, departs at 22:00 and arrive at 7:00 am next day)

To be continued.....
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Lima is out of our expectation.-- people

2008年3月22日 星期六

Day 3 : 3/21 we are in Lima, Peru.

Today is an amazing day because of the people here.

From many people's point of view, Lima is not so worthy to stay, just only for transit. That was our plan as well, however, because of my luggage and the bus schedule, we stayed in Lima for one more night, and got the change to have a look at the city.

We thought we would wake up late this morning due to the long journey, but we didn't. We got up around 7:00 am and had plenty of time to use the day. The owner of this hostel is very nice. He remembers all people's names even though ours are difficult to pronounce for him. He gave us very detailed information about the city, what we can do, what we can eat, where we can go. He said a lot, but I totally forgot after he said we could travel to the city with a couple (Sorry, Francis). He is very considerable. He tried to find someone who can speak Spanish to go with us as he knows we have almost no knowledge about spanish.

The weather is dame hot and humid in Lima. I thought of the days in Paris. That was killing me. We took the cab by a guy's help to National museum when we were in Lima downtown. He is a jourlist coming for holy week activities. We were lucky. He could speak English. However, the museum is in constuction. We changed to the beach in Miraflores.

Travel book says Peru is one of the dangerous countries in S. America. However, people we met in Lima are very very friendly,no matter they speak english or not. We took the bus to the downdown again after the beach. The Mr.Bus kept reminding us to watch our stuff. While on the way to taking bus home, two tourist police officers came to us and walked with us to the bus stop, and made sure we were on the right bus, told the bus driver where we should get off. The bus driver and the passengers always kept their eyes on us to make sure we were ok and notified us the house number we should go while getting off the bus.

They are just too kind to us. hopefully we can be so lucky until the end of this trip.

To be continued...

Ps. My baggage is still no news so far.
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We finally got Lima in Peru after a long flight

2008年3月21日 星期五

Hi, everybody:

After 35 hrs flight, we finally arrive Lima in Peru. The flight and transit periods were really tiring and wasting time. Mei and I tried to find best position and posture to sleep, however, we felt more tired after some tries.

Anyway, we feel "energic" now, as Mei's luggage was lost in flight transit, we need to get it back and also find out alternative solution to spend the following two days in the most efficient way.

Current plan:
3.21 Lima, Peru
3.22 day time ~ 3.23 Ayacucho
3.24 ~ 3.28 Cusco
3.29 ~ 4.1 Inca Trail
4.2 Cusco to Lima and Lima to Santiago, Chile

Accommodation in Lima: Miraflores House http://www.alberguemirafloreshouse.com/

  • -- 11 usd per person for twin bed room with shared bathroom
  • -- 10 usd per person for 4 bed shared room with shared bathroom

    To be continued...
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收起好行囊,我們出發了!We are setting off

2008年3月19日 星期三


今天在捷運復興站跟 BJ 見面拿完東西,我衝上捷運要趕去土城探望我重要的家人時,BJ 遲遲沒走一直站在外面看著我跟我揮手,那一刻,我忽然意識到今晚我即將展開 71 天的長途旅行,說長不長,說短不短,那一刻,我心中忽然湧起一股不捨,忽然忘了自己此次旅行的目的,忽然不知為何要跟這麼多親愛的家人朋友分離這麼久,忽然在思考,為何親情與友情在自己身邊時,似乎感覺飄飄渺渺,但在出發時,卻倍覺意遠深長。


於是我思考著一種儉樸的旅行,就像 Mei 說的,她想要過著一段沒有電腦的日子,所以 No Laptop, No MP3, No PDA, 手機備而不用,用傻瓜相機而非單眼,帶著兩三支畫筆、一本筆記本,一切只是為了讓這趟旅程簡單而深入當地一點。

想聽音樂時,就聆聽當下的聲音,想要寫遊記時,打開筆記本,用手寫、用手畫,覺得這個意境相當美時,用小巧的傻瓜拍下初始的感動,不需任何雕琢,不需思考光圈多大、快門要多快,是否要用遮光鏡或濾鏡...,旅程中,少上網、靠嘴問、依眼看,憑著腦袋裡的智慧作判斷 (希望我們兩足夠聰明到可以應付各式狀況),想要讓朋友知道我們在哪時,寄明信片、稍個問候、想念與報平安。

我想,旅行並非把現在的生活 pack 在包包裡移居到另一地使用,而是應該把簡單的自己放在當地,用那裏的資源來生活。



離開的此刻,千頭萬緒,但更澎湃的聲音是我們終於克服萬難要出發了 ...

By Jess
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再過幾個小時,我跟Jess 就要搭上飛往南美的班機,老實說,即便到現在,仍還是有那麼一點的不真實性,看似準備好的我們,似乎又好像什麼也沒準備。臨出門總還是打包不完,資料印不完。


我很高興Jess 是這段旅程的搭檔,因為他這幾個月來的堅持以及專注,所以我現在真的要去南美了~~~

感謝宗憲&娟的大背包,Paul&馮小雯 的台積電股友贈品,Kay、Candy、Amy、Erica、Beatrice、June、April、Nicole、五美、Alice & Chris、DC 飯團、Liyen、Pchome組合 等等等(好多人呀) 的關心與協助。





By M.

ps. 總統選舉要投對人喔~~
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秘魯新遺址 比印加更古老 Ruins of Ancient Temple Found in Peru

2008年3月17日 星期一


秘魯新遺址 比印加更古老
2008.03.15 02:17 am





【2008/03/15 聯合報】

Ruins of Ancient Temple Found in Peru
Posted: 2008-03-14 13:10:29

LIMA, Peru (March 14) - Archaeologists in Peru have discovered the ruins of an ancient temple, roadway and irrigation systems at a famed fortress overlooking the Inca capital of Cuzco, officials involved with the dig said Thursday.

The temple on the periphery the Sacsayhuaman fortress includes 11 rooms thought to have held mummies and idols, lead archaeologist Oscar Rodriguez told The Associated Press.

The team of archaeologists that made the discoveries believe the structures predated the Inca empire but were then significantly developed and expanded.

"It's from both the Inca and pre-Inca cultures, it has a sequence," Washington Camacho, director of the Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Park, told the AP. "The Incas entered and changed the form of the temple, as it initially had a more rustic architecture.

"Archaeologists are still waiting for carbon dating tests, but Camacho said their calculations about the facilities' age are supported by historical references such as ceramics and construction style.

The Inca empire, based in the ancient city of Cuzco, flourished along the western edge of South America during the 1400s, prior to the arrival of the Spanish in the next century.

Today, Cuzco is Peru's main tourism hub and a launching point for visitors to the jungle-shrouded ruins of Machu Picchu, 60 kilometers (40 miles) northwest.

The temple lies some 1,500 meters (a little under a mile) from zigzagging walls of the Sacsayhuaman fortress, alongside an enormous rock formation believed to be one of the fortress' burial mounds.

(Sacsayhuaman, Cuzco Photo from The Wondering Eye)

"The temple is one of the most important in the Sacsayhuaman site," Camacho said.

Part of the structure was destroyed by dynamite blasts in the early 20th century, when the site was used as a stone quarry.

The roadway, buried for hundreds of years under a meter (a yard) of soil, is believed to have formed part of a network connecting Sacsayhuaman's buildings, according to Camacho.

Archaeologists are also busy unearthing an advanced hydraulic system, which may have been used to supply water to Cuzco during the Inca empire.

The team believes the irrigation system was built by the Ayarmaca, who occupied the region from 900 to 1200. Remnants of Ayarmaca ceramics are scattered throughout the site.

The new excavations, directed by Cuzco's National Culture Institute, began in June 2007 and will continue for another five years, Camacho said.Associated Press writer Fernando Zora-Carvajal contributed to this report from Cuzco. (Read more...)

《行前準備‧節慶篇》祕魯復活節 Holy Week Celebration in Ayacucho

2008年3月16日 星期日

行程改來改去後,忽然發現我們 3/20 晚上會抵達祕魯,心想為何不去參加極負盛名 Holy Week 的祕魯小鎮 Ayacucho 呢?


不過現在急需研究的是還訂得到住宿嗎?怎麼在網路上似乎很難尋找到 Ayacucho 的 hostels...

12:14 Hotel bookings for Holy Week in Ayacucho, Peru exceed 60%

Holy Week in Ayacucho
Ayacucho, Mar. 03 (ANDINA).- The hotel bookings in Ayacucho for the Holy Week exceed 60 percent and it is expected the arrival of over 14 thousand visitors, reported today the Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Dircetur).

Rosa López, Tourism director, told Andina news agency that the 17 hotels which are duly classified and categorized by Dircetur “are already full”.

However, she said there are 65 additional hostels that have some rooms available.

“Every year, visitors coming to Ayacucho book their rooms with many months in advance, so it is expected that by the end of this week, all hotels will be full” she said.

López pointed out that they have launched a campaign through the media to register all households which can accommodate some visitors in their houses.

López underlined that this year Ayacucho will receive more than 14 thousand foreign and domestic tourists. Every year, thousands of people from all the country and foreigners arrive to Ayacucho to participate of the religious devotion of these people.

Celebrations begin on Sunday, they call it "Domingo de Ramos" (Palm Sunday), and they end the next Sunday, "Domingo de Pascua" (Easter). Every day, during the Holy Week processions take place as well as religious manifestations. They are accompanied with folkloric dances. Parallel to these celebrations, artisan and cattle fairs take place.

During the first Sunday of the Holy Week, people do a remembrance of the triumphal entrance of Jesus to Jerusalem. Very early in the morning, donkeys and llamas, with herbs from the area, enter the city. Later those herbs are incinerated during the next Sunday (Easter).

Then, on Wednesday, the image of Jesus is venerated. All the pilgrims surround the image holding candles in their hands, and in that moment, the light from the city is turned down. Images of some other saints, taken from churches of the area, accompany this procession.
After that, on Thursday, people do their visit to 33 churches of the city.

On Friday, there is a big procession to the Saint Sepulcher. It begins during the evening from Santo Domingo Church. A coffin made of crystal with the image of Jesus that lays on white rose petals, go over the city, followed with another images and women from the city all dressed in black.

Saturday is the day in which "Morochucos", riding on horses, climb the Acuchimay Mountain with people from Ayacucho.

Then, on Sunday all the people wake up with the ringing of the bells from all the churches in Ayacucho. After that they go to the Cathedral, carrying out a very big image of Jesus brought back to life, this image is carried by more than 250 men. They go around the city, with many pilgrims, giving end to this special Holy Week.

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《行前準備‧裝備篇》美加線行李限重上限調整 Revised Baggage Allowance Regulation

2008年3月13日 星期四

雖然整理行李時,無不絞盡腦汁的想要減少背負的公斤數,不過對於因為油價上漲,飛往美加線的行李限重上限的調降,還是有點心有不甘。畢竟現在美金大幅貶值,大家都想要血拼呀~~~~ 這樣一來,能扛回來的又變少了...:(

by M.


美加線免費行李限重上限 4月起降低
時間: 2008/03/13 撰稿‧編輯:韓啟賢 新聞引據:採訪

  在包括機票價格調漲在內的一連串漲價聲中,又傳出一項「變相」的漲價消息。台灣航空公司前往北美地區的經濟艙免費托運行裏重量上限,將從4月起調降為每件23公斤。民航局13日表示,降低免費托運行裏上限的主因,包括有油價上漲、成本考量,以及和國際接軌。 北美洲的美國與加拿大,是許多國人出國旅遊或是留學探親的主要區域之一。台灣的航空公司在日前宣布將調漲美國與加拿大等地的國際機票價格後,目前又傳出飛往美加航線旅客的經濟艙免費行李限重,4月份起將從現行的每人2件,每件32公斤,降低為每件23公斤,超過就要加收行李超重費的消息。對此,民航局長張國政13日證實,航空業者已經提出申請,最快4月份就會上路,原因包括油價上漲等因素﹔張國政說:『所以油價的關係,成本的關係,還有跟國際接軌,美國他已經是那樣了,新加坡也都改變了。』民航局指出,其實航空業者早在2005年就已經申請核備通過,當時是因應國際民航運輸協會(IATA),針對各國機場作業人員抗議行李超重,每件行李上限一律降低為23公斤的要求。目前許多國際航空公司往返美加的航線,都適用這項規定。而航空業者表示,有鑑於旅客往返美加時所攜帶行李數量較多,因此,美加線是採用「行李件數」的計算方式,其他則是依照重量計算,而不同的航空公司也會加碼商務艙及頭等艙免費託運重量上限的優惠。

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《行前準備‧機票篇》復活節島機票一張 Easter Island Flight Ticket

2008年3月7日 星期五



之前請旅行社訂購智利Santiago 與復活節島的來回機票時,在我們期望拜訪復活節島的期間,只有剩九天八夜的機票,問題是,九天八夜佔掉我們旅程太多的時間,於是我自己上智利航空(獨家運作來往復活節島的航段) 的網站搜尋其他較合適的時間。




正狐疑著,突然看到網站上有著一行字,寫著:LAN.com is a secure site, where purchases can be cancelled within 24 hours free of charge。看到沒,24 hours free or charge,所以我想了想,我只要訂下去後,立刻取消,不就好了嗎?這樣我也可以知道到底這網站實際是怎麼運作的。


於是順著程序,我填完了信用卡資料,按下「送出」,於是出現了 :
Reservation code: xxxxxxYour reservation is confirmed but tickets could not be issued because we need to verify some information. We'll contact you shortly.Please contact us at the phone numbers listed below or at the LAN Office closest to you.Thank you for choosing LAN.com
好的,不怕,我開心的點選了頁面下方的 Cancel 字樣,但是跳出來的是Lan pass 登入的畫面。

咦,我沒有Lan pass 呀。開始找尋其他的連結。

左邊有各Refund,點下去,也是Lan pass 登入畫面。下方有各My reservation,點下去,也是 Lan pass 登入畫面。

由於Lan pass 對我來說一直代表的是南美Pass (這又是另一各故事了),壓根兒也沒想到是要申請一組Membership。 自作聰明的我,開始對自己解釋:它的24hr 取消是指 Purchase ,我現在只是Reseration。所以應該是等信用卡確認後才會再通知我有Purchase,然後我就可以取消了吧。

於是再次研究各個連結都無用之後(所謂的無用就是都是登入畫面),我真的認為我的理論是對的,然後跟Jess 討論起,我們還是先不要排復活節島吧。

期間也在一個網友的提醒下,我申請了Lan Membership。當然,我不是沒有想到我的機票預約,不過在我查詢My reservation 連結,發現無資料,以及其他相關連結,都是無資料的情況下,我還是繼續相信自己的理論。

就這麼過了24 hrs。



我開始緊急再度找尋任何可能的取消訊息或連結。那個好久沒看到的Refund 連結映入眼簾,在登入Lan membership 的情況下,這時的 Refund 跳出來的是以下畫面:


那個我找尋好久的cancellations 出‧現‧了。

「The 24 hour cancellation period that LAN.com guarantees for a full refund has elapsed on these tickets. 」當下只差沒留下兩行淚。


立刻撥打Lan in US ,得到的是語音:所有服務人員都在忙線中。
改打Lan in Chile,得到的是西班牙文,只知道他要我改撥號碼,但是不知道要撥啥。








當然在這種情況下,絕對不會有什麼火爆的情況,只換來:「因為票務的限制,不能改名字,不能取消,可以改期,但是每段要加USD 50。」「我很抱歉你所發生的事情,但是我們已經有說明24HRS 的取消,既然時間已過,我也無能為力。」



所以我現在有了一張五月份的Santiago de Chile-Easter Island 五天來回機票,卻不知道何時才要去。 @@



當然,我也把手上智利航空的信都回覆給智利航空,說明我要取消這張票。換來的是,很抱歉無法取消,更改要收五十元美金,請就近與以下Lan office 聯絡。

而隔天,我又意外收到一封Purchase Request 的信。信上說到:
Dear Mr. CHEN,Thank you for choosing LAN.COM
We regret to inform you we were unable to complete your on-line purchase and we need to confirm your credit card details to do so. In order to solve the above mentioned, please contact us at the telephone numbers listed below or confirm your purchase by answering this email.LAN.COM

搞不懂怎麼又冒出一張機票的我,趕緊去到大發現的Cancellations 做取消。這次竟然成‧功‧了!!!!大概是因為那個Mr. 救了我吧。

到底是誰假裝我的名義!!!!!!!!以後不要再跟我提Lan.com 啦!!!!!!!

By M.

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《行前準備‧簽證篇》玻利維亞簽證申辦難 Blovian Visa Application

早在前幾天已經風塵僕僕前往秘魯的 Singing 昨晚上線回報,辦理 Blovia 簽證實非易事,預計處理工作時間 15-20 天,若又不會說西班牙文,搞定一切真的是難上加難。

  • 目前得知需要準備的資料如下:
    ● 入出境機票
    ● 申請表格
  • ● 訂房紀錄
    ● 黃熱病疫苗注射證明
    ● 良民證(到警察局證明自己身家清白的英文証明)
    ● 照片 (Singing 的照片據說是白底的也 ok 了,原本聽說要紅底的)
    ● 多做準備資料:旅遊計畫
    ● 多做準備資料:財力證明

    《圖片來源: Singing ˙7th March, 2008 庫斯科回傳》



台北市警局 - 警察刑事紀錄證明「良民證」申辦方式及申請須知

  • 申請方式
    三、線上申辦 : http://www.tcpd.gov.tw/
  • 申請地點及時間
    1. 地址:臺北市中正區延平南路96號(西門捷運站5號出口出來直直走,在中山堂旁邊)。臺北市政府警察局外事科(警紀證)。
    2. 收件時間:週一至週五8時30分至17時。(中午不休息)
    3. 聯絡電話:(02)23817494。傳真電話:(02)23817487。 語音查詢:(02)2375-2105。
  • 申請費用
    每份 250 元,多一份就多加 250,並無任何費用減少。
  • 相關說明
    1. 網路上申請時填寫身分證號碼可,因為護照上也有身分證號碼可以辨別身分。
    2. 目前申請的文件都是中英對照版本,所以申請時須填寫與護照上相同的英文名字。


  • Peru
    Embassy of Bolivia in Lima, Peru
    Calle Los Castaños 235
    San Isidro
    Apartado Postal: 464
    Lima 27
    Consulate of Bolivia in Arequipa, Peru
    Avenida Ejercito Esq.Tronchadero N? 7.0
    Edif. El Peral piso 10 Ofi. 1010
    Casilla 240
    Consulate of Bolivia in Mollendo, Peru
    Calle Coronel Zavala Nº 171
    Casilla : 32
    Email:colivianmollend@hotmail.com cbolivim@terra.com
    Consulate of Bolivia in Puno, Peru
    Jirón Arequipa No. 136 2do. piso

  • Chile
    Consulate General of Bolivia in Arica, Chile
    Calle Patricio Lynch # 298, esq. Sotomayor
    Apartado Postal 741
    Consulate of Bolivia in Calama, Chile
    C. Juan Jose Latorre No. 1395
    esq. Calle Manzano Sector Punta de Diamante
    Casilla 85
    Consulate of Bolivia in Valparaiso, Chile
    Av. Los Acacios N? 2131-C-5
    Miraflores Bajo
    Villa del Mar
    Casilla : 1224,
    Consulate of Bolivia in Santiago, Chile
    Av. Santa María 2796 Providencia
    Phone: (56)(2) 232-4997 or 232-8180
    Fax: (56)(2) 232-9839
    E-mail: E-Mail-cgbolivia@manquehue.net
    URL: http://www.microweb.cl/bolivia/index.html

  • Argentina
    Embassy of Bolivia in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Av. Corrientes 545 - 2º Piso
    C1043AAF CP. Buenos Aires
    Website http://www.blogger.com/www.embajadadebolivia.com.ar
    Consulate of Bolivia in La Quiaca, Argentina
    Calle 9 de Julio N? 109 Esq. Árabe Siria
    C.P. 4650
    La Quiaca
    Phone:+54-3885-- 422 283
    Fax:+54-3885-- 423 882 or+54-3885-- 422 283
    Consulate of Bolivia in Mendoza, Argentina
    Calle Garibaldi N? 380
    Planta Alta
    Casilla : 5500
    Phone:+54-261-429 2458
    Fax:+54-261-423 0413
    Consulate of Bolivia in Oran, Salta, Argentina
    Av. San Martín N? 134, Zona Central
    4630 Orán, Provincia de
    Consulate of Bolivia in Salta, Argentina
    Calle Dr. Mariano Boedo N? 34
    Cod. Postal 4400

◎ 證明所持的台灣護照是有效證件信函 -- 現在似乎不需要了
為節省時間,可以考慮先到San Borja取得證明函再去玻利維亞駐利馬辦事處。

  • 駐秘魯代表處 (駐秘魯台北經濟文化辦事處)
    Oficina Economica y
    Cultural de TaipeiCalle Morales Duarez No. 214, Urbanizacion
    Chacarilla, San Borja, lima 41, Peru
    電話:(51-1) 2554379, (51-1) 3725067
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《行前準備‧行程篇》印加古道四天三夜健行報名成功 Inca Trail 4D3N Trekking Reservation

2008年3月5日 星期三

還記得第一次聽到 Inca Trail 是在跟 Alice 與她英國老公 Chris 的餐會上,那時Mei 與我已經有計劃到南美去旅行,但那時我對南美一翹不通,所以當 Mei 跟去過南美旅行的 Chris 詢問一些當地旅行資訊時,我也只是有聽沒有懂而已。

但我印象很深刻的就是聽到他們在說秘魯有一個印加古道,還聽到什麼馬丘比丘的,而一向喜歡爬山的我,聽到這個古道是前往印加帝國的途徑時,我就決心一定要去走一走,我在心裡想著這趟朝聖之旅一定意義非凡,還想到以前小時候很愛看的丁丁漫畫,有一集也是在南美祕魯(The adventures of Tintin, Prisoners of the Sun),我很高興自己終於可以"親臨"漫畫現場了~

前陣子在背包客棧爬文時,發現 2005 年的價格還可以談在 US $200,沒想到到了 2008 年 ,被推薦名聲不錯的 Andean Travel Agency 的報價已經是 Prices for the 4 day group service Inca trail trek generally range between US$420 and US$490 per person including entrance fees and return on train. 這驚人的漲幅一度讓我跟 Mei 想去又非常猶豫,而每天只有 500 名額的印加古道報名活動,也在我們不停的猶豫與行程變更中,三月、五月的名額已經幾近額滿,而四月跟六月我們人又不在秘魯,我們還抱著僅存的希望想說,就算都額滿了,我們是否可以到當地再去碰運氣看可否報到名?甚至我們一度已經放棄報不到名那就搭火車去馬丘比丘吧!

然而我左思右想,難道就這樣去了祕魯,卻跳過印加古道不走了,這麼希望能一步一腳印踏上印加帝國且欣賞南美高山地形生態的我,錯過這次何時還會再親臨此地呢?於是跟 Mei 又重新討論過後,我們決定先在網路上報名 Camino Inca 3/29~4/1 四天三夜的 Inca Trail Trekking,這家的價格比較便宜,一人原本約 US$355,但在我們報名的那天,漲價成 US$ 385 ,所以時間在走,價格在漲啊!


昨天收到旅行社的報名通知,發現我們這一梯次登山團,男的很多,旅行社把我們兩個也當成男的打上去,我特地寫信去指證,對方說不要擔心,對於我們這種 "not usual" names 很容易搞錯,但這並不會影響我們的 booking 。Mei 一看到這樣的組合說"媽呀,我們要跟一堆男人走Inca Trail. 明天開始練跑步@@。不過我還發現一個小小較為貼心的安排,整梯次8人平均年齡都在 30 歲左右,是不是想說同年齡的體力比較差不多勒 ^^。

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國際機票漲10~15% International flight fee will increase sharply in the mid of March 2008

今天一上線,又發現了一則要讓我們荷包大失血的新聞,就是國際機票即將要漲 10~15%。幸運的是今天本是我們前往南美來回機票開票的日子,但擔憂的是我們本來想視體力而定在南美內陸隨機購買的航段,會不會到時票價漲翻天,讓我們無力負荷、回不了家。 ^^

10年來最猛 國際機票漲10~15%
【聯合報╱記者陳俍任/台北報導】 2008.03.05 03:24 am







【2008/03/05 聯合報】
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《行前準備‧簽證篇》早起的鳥兒有蟲吃 Chile and Argentina Visa Application

2008年3月4日 星期二



先說說智利簽證的申請。相較於阿根廷簽證,這是個和善的簽證申請國家。但首要之件:絕對是不要超過中午12點才到達智利駐台商務辦事處辦理,當然也不要討人厭的在11點50 分才到。還有不要印錯表格、表格記得要用大寫英文填寫!!!

上週五Jess 先行替我們兩人申辦智利簽證,結果因為我們的表格是舊式的,直接被退件,加上時間已近收件截止時間,只好擇日再辦。

為避免任何突發狀況發生,決定星期一兩人一同前去辦理。當天早上我們因為確認最後一個版本的機票訂位,以及一些相關文件的列印,而耗費了一些時間,等我們抵達辦事處時已經差不多11點55分。櫃檯的小姐(應該是金小姐吧) 原本就忙碌的接電話、打電話、傳遞訊息,因此對我們的抵達時間有點感冒,我們只能擺出一向誠懇的表情,請他原諒。而比我們晚到約五分鐘的一位先生,一方面是因為收件時間(中午12點)已過,另一方面則是小姐還有我們的兩件要處理,因此直接被拒絕,我們真是深感抱歉呀。


其實他人也是蠻好的啦~~~~而且感覺起來整理檢視文件也是花了他不少時間,當我們離開後大約十五分鐘,他還再次打電話跟我們確認表格的內容,因此佔用到她午休時間也是過意不去。 所以記得還是要早點到比較好。



再一次的,我們兩人的文件分別被兩位收件小姐嚴厲詳細的檢視著。檢查Jess 文件的小姐問了Jess 許多問題,譬如:阿根廷的保人跟我們是怎麼認識的?還提到我們的保人不是阿根廷人 (雖然他有DNI) ,不知道是不是在確認資料的真實性。

之後又看著我們的行程規劃,驚訝的說,你們這行程也太拼了吧。坐車都要坐很久喔。你們兩人有人會說西班牙語嗎? 然後跟另一位收件小姐討論起我們的財務證明。



當下我們兩人臉上只有三條線可形容,因為電話列在email 裡,而我們這時又沒得上網,這位小姐也不允許借用內部電腦讓我們查詢,因此確定只有這項要修正後,我們立刻衝回Jess 家找電話,當下只能感謝今天來辦理的時間不是昨天的11點55分,而是10 點鐘,我們還有極為充足的時間再送一次件。






ps1. 在國貿大樓來回了幾次,連保全都知道我們兩個是要去阿根廷商務辦事處。真是尷尬。
ps2. 祕魯商務辦事處與以色列經濟文化辦事處同層。以色列辦事處外有保全,還有人身檢查的機器,真的是挺酷的。

By M.


地址: 臺北市基隆路一段333號國貿大樓10樓1004室
電話:(02)2757-6556 (簽證組)

地址: 臺北市基隆路一段333號國貿大樓24樓2411室

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