The longest night and day from Ayacucho to Cusco

2008年3月28日 星期五

Day 6 night to Day 7 from Ayacucho to Cusco (Arrived on 3/25)

Daniel went to "Express los Chankas" bus station, after his work, to say goodbye to us which made us moved deeply. We were going to tear when he ran after the bus to see our leaving.
After the touching fareware, we took the Chankas bus to Cusco from Ayacucho around 6.40pm on 24 March. However, it was the beginning of our nightmare. When we got on the bus, a not good smell came to our nose. At that moment, we found our mask left in the big luggage, so what we can do was using our coats to cover our face to stop the unclear smell. When everybody settled down, the bus set off the long journey.

Ayacucho to Andahuaylas: from 6.40pm, 24 March to 6.20am, 25 March
Andahuaylas to Cusco : from 7.00am, 25 March to 6.30pm, 25 March
(one stop in the route: Abancay)
The horrible thing was that the route was not flat and full of small stone. The bus went up and down all the way made us extremely headache. We were wondering if the bad route last few hours only, however, the bus kept on the road for almost 20 hours. We were going to die really. We didn´t know how to have a good position to sit or sleep, and we didn´t know how to smile to face the hard situation.

(We were very ugly and exhausted at that time)

In the certain route, I wanna go to the toilet, but we didn´t know how to tell the driver or bus conductor for the thing (The bus didn´t provide the toilet.) Thus I decided to tolerate for a while, but you know, the bus went up and down frequently, oh my god, it was definitely a torture for me in my lifetime, I wanna cry ... Finally, Mei accompanied me to tell the conductor what we wanted and luckily he said ¨ wait a moment!¨. Then the bus stopped in a place after few minutes and let people get off. Lots of people went to find different places to go to the pit stop in the wild. Anyway, I finally released... So please keep it in mind "don´t go with the way to Cusco from Ayacucho if you want, please take flight if needed."

A lesson learn is that we should cherish what we own now, as many local people in Peru live in the harsh conditions. When Mei and I complained all the time on the way to Cusco, they still sleplt well (Maybe they also feelpainful, but we didn´t know). I was thinking were we too weak to face the tough situation? The other lesseon learn is that the bus journey gave us a chane to realise the local people´s living. Thanks god, we have experienced and we have learned.

Even though the scenery in the route from Abancay to Cusco was very beautiful and splendid, we didn´t have any energy to take as many as photos.
Accommodation in Cusco: Casa de la Gringa USD 12.44 per person, twin bed room with shared bathroom


Singing 提到...

hi, you could use 'ban~o por favor', which means toilet. Plus, bushes (this is what they called locally if they speak English) is normally MORE CLEAN than Ban~o in the countryside.
You are really brave to take such long time on the road....good for you. Singing@Arequipa, Peru.