Our favourite dishes in Cusco

2008年3月29日 星期六

24 March - 1 April in Peru

Hi, it seems we always talk about people or
something happened in Peru. Here we want to introduce our favourite food in Cusco to you after many tries in different restaurants.

Cold dish - Ceviche
(fish with sour taste)

The food is a bit like Tailand´s code dish.

Soup - Dieta de Pollo
(Chicken, rice, carrot, spinach, potato)

The suop´s taste is not very strong and smooth to eat it up.

Main Course - Aji de gallina
(Sharp huancaina Salsa, Pope, hen, onion, lettuce, rice, egg)

It is not curry food, just look like that. Try it.

Drinks - Chicha Morada

(purple corn, lemon, pineapple and so on)

The drink is very special and delicious.

Other traditional foods.
Dish1 - Dish2
Dish3 - Dish 4

Dish1: Palta Natural
The food is like fruit or vegetable.

Dish2: Chupe de Camaron
(rice, pope, milk, cheese, egg, choclo, vegetables)
However, we don´t like the soup very much, as it has a strong taste with special spice.

Dish3: Trucha

Dish4: Lomo saltado
(Fried meet, potato and tomato)