Everyone asks us:

2008年5月9日 星期五

50 days passed.

People we met from locals to the travellers around the world. They all like to ask us some questions as below. Maybe you can help us to come out some good answers. :D

1) Where are you from?
Are you from Japan? Korea? China? USA? (....)

2) Is your language same with Japanese? Korean? Chinese?

3) Do you speak Japanese? Korean? Chinese?

4) What is your name?

5) Is Taiwan independent? Is Taiwan a country?

6) Is Taiwan a small island?

7) Does Taiwan belong to China?

8) How big is Taiwan?

9) How many population in Taiwan?

10) How long is it from the northest to the southest in Taiwan ?
How long does it take from the northest to the southest by bus?

11) How about from the eastest to the westest?

12) Do you live in Taipei? How big is Taipei? How many population?

13) If we go to Taiwan, what we can see? what we can do?

14) Are many travellers in Taiwan?

15) Do you like Taiwan / Taipei?

16) Do you like to eat Sushi?

17) Do you hope Taiwan to be independent or be with China?

18) What is the relationship between Taiwan and China?

19) Do you have same food with China?

20) How to write my name in Chinese?

21) How long have you been travelling?

22) How long will you travel?

23) Where have you been in South America?

24) What is your next destination?
Where (or which countries) are you going later?

25) You need visa to Bolivia? to Aregenita? any other countries?

26) Are you students or you work in Taiwan?

27) Is it easy to find a job after you are back to Taiwan?

28) How to say ¨ Hi¨ ¨Good morning¨ ¨Good Night¨ ¨Thank you¨?

29) Do you drink Tea?

30) Do you eat bread?

31) Do you like Peru, Chile and Aregentina?

32) Does ¨Aligado¨ mean thank you? (.....)

33) Is Taiwan richer than China?

34) Do you have any brothers or sisters? (People who asked this question think Taiwanese also can only have one child)

35) Do you speak Spanish?

36) How you travel S. America without speaking Spanish?

37) Are you a couple? (..................#$%...)


Maggie 提到...

When visa is the talking topic, you might to remind them twn people need visa and visa cards when travelling aboard.

How to tell twn and china people? We look same but twn people are relatively fat. And china people will get fined if the 2nd kid was born but twn people will get pay. Can you see how rich we are?

We share same culture and same food with china, such as twn has 四川牛肉麵 which you unable to find this in china.

Taiwan is tiny tiny, please be friends with us.