Have you got my mail from Valparaiso

2008年4月6日 星期日

Day 17-18 4/4 Santiago --> Valparaiso - 4/5 Valparaiso

A French who is our group member of the Inca Trail trekking said ¨Valparaiso is not very clean city and there are many dogs (actually, we saw more cats and birds), but it is very typical, he likes it indeed¨ When we walked around the city in these 2 days, we found it was full of the smell of urine. One American guy said "it seems people like to go to pee in the street, it is why the smell is everywhere".

Our initial impression for Valparaiso was that it is a harbor city. There should be lots of people staying in the beach and enjoying the sunshine. Even though it is part of truth, the surprising thing for us in visiting the city is that we saw plenty of paintings on the wall or outside of houses. At that time, as if we were wandering in the public art gallery and seeing the various cretivities created by different artists.

Here below you can see the drawings by many unknown people.


Alice (London) 提到...

Hi Mei & Jess, they are so lovely painting, so beautiful. you both also took so nice pictures, well done! keep going! we love to see more and more :) enjoy your journey.

匿名 提到...

Hi! Mei and Jess,

Have a wonderful tour! Enjoy!

Erica, Jeffrey, and our son Harold.